Liviu C. Marhao, ex Clujan

I’m working as general contractor for my company. During the past 8 years, I’ve been working exclusively in the ICF business, using different types of Insulated Concrete Forms and other last-hour materials. The ICFs are ideal material for external walls. I built without an error and in a very short time at US standards. Using my method of working, a team of three people with average experience can finish a level of ~ 200mp house in a week. I send you enclosed 3 pictures of my last project made by my company in USA, 2 houses and 1 warehouse.
Best regards,
Liviu C. Marhao

Vasilache Doru, Timisoara, Romania

To Mr.Crutescu - Marc SRL

I’m going to refer only to the practical part that involves building with ICFs and all the advantages that arise from their use.
I can tell you that for erecting one storey I needed only two persons during one week and the pouring of the concrete and the floor level lasted only one day.

In one day a worker has assembled the electrical and drainage installation because it does not require brute labor (breaking of walls, etc.), the installation being made through polystyrene, not concrete. For finishing we did not use wet plaster, so it didn’t require drying time.

One person a day wall - leveled two rooms, in two days the painting and the tiling in the kitchen and bathroom were done.
The walls are perfectly straight, if the tile adhesive consumption was significantly reduced and consequently the time of labor. No cracks appear in walls or cracks because they are not plastered, which is sometimes unavoidable if built with classic brick or BCA, where the wall and the house "works" for about 3 years.

If building during winter’s time, after assembling the windows and doors, the internal finishing is done easily, because the walls aren’t cold. If outside there are -150C, at the inside, there will be +80 C (min. +50C) without additional heating.
I want to say that if properly executed work, including thermal thresholds on the windows and doors, when finishing, the ambient temperature will be equal everywhere: ceiling, walls, air in the room, which can cause to the real economy during the winter.

Here's an example:

If the indoor air temperature is 200 C walls will have at least 190 C. There is no cold radiant surface anymore that cools the air in the room. For the in-floor heating we used normal polystyrene and not an expansive type.

Consequently, the economy if building with ICFs resides in the shortened execution time, the number of workers and reduced costs that the client has in exploitation.

Best regards,
Vasilache Doru
ICF Builder

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