System applicability

graphite polystyrene® EIFS panels are lightweight, durable claddings that provide an outstanding insulation value, eliminate thermal bridging and can incorporate an integral air barrier and water-drainage. EIFS can replace heavy brick and stone, eliminating the need to transport, store and apply heavy, massive materials, while generating very little construction waste.

graphite polystyrene panels achieve higher R-values than standard EPS. With highly efficient exterior insulation, the HVAC load is reduced, allowing for downsizing of HVAC equipment and reduction of operating costs to maintain a comfortable environment. Textured acrylic surfacing systems achieve the look of stucco in a wide variety of colors and textures, offering broad design flexibility at a desirable cost.

graphite polystyrene - Builder's benefits

  • Easier handling due to weight advantages
  • Dust-free and rapid laying
  • Weather-independent construction
  • No skin-irritating effects
  • Easier transportation due to weight reduction.

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