Innovation - graphite polystyrene

The new standard in heat insulation
graphite polystyrene®, an expandable polystyrene (EPS), is BASF's forward-looking solution to improve insulation in newly built and renovated properties. graphite polystyrene® foams are silvery grey in color because they contain graphite which considerably increases insulation performance.

graphite polystyrene® Benefits


  • Building work that requires a reduction in the thickness of insulation materials, for example for modernization purposes,
  • can easily be carried out using insulating boards that are thinner than conventional EPS but offer the same insulation performance.

This means real energy savings.


  • Insulating boards made from graphite polystyrene® are resistant to aging and rotting and are extremely strong and dimensionally stable.
  • They are vapor-permeable, highly water-resistant and have low moisture absorbency.

Fire resistance

Insulating materials made from graphite polystyrene® are produced according to European standard DIN EN 13163 requirements and are in Euroclass E according to DIN EN 13501-1 and B1 according to DIN 4102 in terms of fire resistance.


Insulating boards made from graphite polystyrene® are quick to lay in any weather. They are easy to cut and sand and do not dazzle in the sunshine. They do not produce any dust or irritate the skin.


Flexible insulating boards made from graphite polystyrene® not only save energy, they help improve a building's soundproofing too.


The special age and rot-resistant properties of the material make insulating materials made from graphite polystyrene® a durable and reliable form of heat insulation.

Heat insulation

The excellent effect of graphite polystyrene® insulating materials offers architects, engineers, manual workers and builders significant advantages in building practice. The graphite polystyrene® infrared absorbers or reflectors considerably reduce thermal conductivity and the permeability of the material with regard to heat is lower than in normal insulating boards.

Thermal conductivity

Vastly improved insulating effects can be achieved with graphite polystyrene®, particularly with very low bulk densities. The diagram shows that graphite polystyrene® insulating materials with a bulk density of 15 kg/m³ for example achieve a thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/(m•K). In normal EPS with the same bulk density, the thermal conductivity is 0.037 W/(mK).


The eco-efficiency analysis looks at products and processes from both the economic and the ecological point of view. The major advantage of graphite polystyrene® insulating boards lies in the reduced use of material of up to 50 %, giving savings in terms of costs and resources, which in turn relieves pressure on the environment.
Compared to alternative products, graphite polystyrene® insulating materials have economic advantages with lower environmental impact and therefore offer eco-efficient insulating solutions for up-to-date thermal insulation.
graphite polystyrene® insulating materials are produced in accordance with the requirements of European standard DIN EN 13163 and are classed in Euroclass E in accordance with DIN EN 135011 and B1 in accordance with DIN 4102.

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graphite polystyrene - Builder's benefits

  • Easier handling due to weight advantages
  • Dust-free and rapid laying
  • Weather-independent construction
  • No skin-irritating effects
  • Easier transportation due to weight reduction.

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