About us

Arcon Amvic Ltd. is one of the members of the Arcon Group of companies, producer of building materials, such as:

·       Insulated Concrete Forms - ICF made of graphite polystyrene expanded polystyrene ,

·       Components for a complete professional thermal-insulating and water proofing systems (ARCO brand),

·       PVC and aluminum joinery.

Since our start in the ICF Industry, we have continually been striving to incorporate the customers' needs into the design of our products and to provide strong, safe and healthy structures.

Using the ICF technology, there have been built more than 3.000 buildings like: individual homes and residential compounds, churches, schools, town halls,kindergartens, hospitals, office buildings, swimming pools, etc.

Certifications issued by authorized Institutes grant the high quality performances of our range of products.

Healthy lifestyle with MARC

The impermeable walls of the houses built with ICFs prevent the entry of dust, pollens and pollution.

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